Neil Ross, PhD

Cultivation Advisor

Neil is a biochemist with several years of multi-disciplinary research and management experience. He worked in a drug discovery laboratory with a major pharmaceutical company and then spent 23 years at the National Research Council as a scientist, director and industrial technology advisor, co-authoring over 65 peer-reviewed publications. Neil has extensive background in the cultivation of fish and algae, understanding nutrient and water quality requirements of each. As well, he has worked closely with analytical chemists and industrial partners in natural products development (product characterization and QA/QC methods, new food product and scaling up of cultivation technologies). His recent work on developing a drug for eel farming has also familiarized him with the regulatory processes at Health Canada and the US FDA. He is assisting the Aqualitas team in identifying strategic research and development partnerships, including funding opportunities, and advising on scientific direction, integration of nutrient flows in the aquaponics system and the development of cannabis-derivative products.