To become a medical client, you will first need to obtain authorization from your health care practitioner. You can download our medical document here to bring to your appointment. Once your health care practitioners has completed the medical authorization, you will need to fill out our registration form and send both documents to Aqualitas.

Once our Client Care team receives your documents, they will need to verify some of the information with your healthcare provider before finalizing your registration. You will receive an email from Aqualitas as soon as your authorization is validated and your registration is complete.
Your health care team is committed to supporting your health and well-being so this will be their priority when discussing medical cannabis as an option for you. Some things that might make you more comfortable when approaching them about medical cannabis include:

  • Researching ways that medical cannabis has helped others with your condition or similar conditions
  • Obtaining information about what types of cannabis may help you, for example certain CBD or THC ratios, oil or dried flower etc. If you have information on specific strains that may be more helpful share this information as well.
  • If your health care practitioner is apprehensive about authorizing medical cannabis, you could suggest that they authorize your use for a short time so that you can assess together the effectiveness, side effects etc.
  • If you are without a health care practitioner or health care practitioner will not authorize cannabis for you, and you wish to make further inquiries, please contact us at 1-833-300-AQUA(2782) for assistance in seeking a referral to a clinic or health care practitioner who specializes in cannabis.

You will be able to place an order once we receive our sales licence from Health Canada and register you as a client. To be contacted when we receive our sales licence, please email or call 1-833-300-AQUA(2782).

Aqualitas is committed to making medical cannabis accessible to those who need it. If you require assistance in purchasing cannabis for medical purposes, please contact our Client Care team for information on compassionate pricing for those in financial need.

We are committed to assisting veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces with access to medical cannabis. For information on our services for veterans please contact 1-833-300-AQUA(2782).

When using medical cannabis for the first time, there are some important considerations. You will need to choose how you will consume your medication – vaporizing dried cannabis and ingesting oils are considered the safest means of consumption. Whether you are taking oils, vaporizing or smoking, it is important to begin with a small dose and increase it very gradually. “Start low and go slow” is a good guideline to follow. Wait at least three hours from your initial dose before taking more cannabis. You should never operate a motor vehicle or other safety-sensitive equipment while impaired or until you know how cannabis use affects you.

Aqualitas includes a medication journal with your welcome kit to help you keep track of your experiences, what works and what doesn’t, and other useful information.

The feeling that is described as ‘high’ is an effect of certain cannabinoids within cannabis. THC is the chemical compound most associated with this ‘high’. The effect of THC on an individual depends on several factors, including the consumption method, regularity of use, body weight and metabolism etc. CBD, another chemical compound, is less likely to cause this feeling but the effects of cannabis are largely dependent on the individual.

While medical cannabis is legal, it is still regulated by Health Canada and subject to a number of rules and restrictions. Please review these rules to ensure that you are aware of these regulations. Cannabis Act: The Facts

To transfer your prescription to Aqualitas, simply contact your current licensed producer and request that they transfer your medical document to us via our secure fax line 1-902-704-5507. Please call Aqualitas and let us know that we will be receiving this document. You will also have to complete our registration form.

Consumption methods and dosing vary between individuals but there are things to consider when choosing how to get the full benefits of your medical cannabis. There are a number of ways to consume cannabis through combustion: eg. smoking via a joint, pipe, bong etc. This is not the method that is recommended, as smoking is an irritant to your lungs and combusting cannabis produces chemicals that can be harmful.

Vaporization is the preferred method for inhalation of dried cannabis. It is more efficient than smoking, produces a quicker effect and doesn’t result in the production of dangerous chemicals created through combustion.

Ingesting cannabis oil is a consumption method growing in popularity. It provides medical clients a simple method of consuming cannabis. It is very important when consuming oils that you adhere to the “Start low and go slow” guideline. The effects of cannabis consumed this way take longer to be felt but last a lot longer than smoking or vaporizing. Note: When beginning to use cannabis oil, start with a very small amount and wait at least six hours between doses. The onset time until you feel the effects of cannabis is greater when ingested so extreme caution should be exercised before redosing.

Your medication journal will be helpful in tracking the effects of your consumption method.

Canada Revenue Agency permits medical cannabis as a medical expense and it is eligible for the medical tax credit.

At this time, most health insurance plans do not cover medical cannabis, though a number of large insurers have indicated they will provide coverage for some conditions. Veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces, and members of the RCMP and the Department of National Defence are eligible for reimbursement. Please contact your insurer or employer to inquire about your eligibility coverage for medical cannabis.

Yes! All of our products are organically grown. Our cultivation practices have received Clean Green Certification, a recognition of our commitment to organic management practices, compliance, quality and sustainability.
Words from our team

“We are committed to producing safe, all-natural cannabis using organic growing methods. To have our system and our company meet the parameters of Clean Green Certification validates that we're on the right track and will give our clients and consumers added confidence in Aqualitas."

Myrna Gillis, CEO