Aqualitas Inc. has a Medical and Patient Advisory Board that includes family and specialized medical professionals, research scientists, a dietitian, a nurse, a pharmacist, a veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces and patients who have found relief using medical cannabis. The Board members are familiar with the use of cannabis to assist people in palliative care, with AIDS, Crohn's, MS, cancer, arthritis, and PTSD.  

Access to our support team will be available to you and your patients: the support team includes a pharmacist and personnel familiar with cannabis.

The Terms of Reference for the Board are here.

Under Health Canada’s Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations, medical and nurse practitioners can prescribe cannabis.  Medical practitioners must be registered and entitled under provincial laws to practice medicine.  Nurse practitioners must be registered and entitled under provincial law to prescribe cannabis.  

Medical documents provided by healthcare providers must comply with the regulations established by Health Canada.

Healthcare providers can receive cannabis on behalf of their patients, if authorized to do so.

Health Canada’s sample document for healthcare providers can be accessed here.

A waiver of liability is available here.


Health Canada:  Information for Healthcare Practitioners

Health Canada:  Daily Amount Fact Sheet

Canadian Medical Association, Policy:  Medical Marijuana

College of Family Physicians of Canada, Medical Marijuana Position Statement

Canadian Medical Protective Association:  Medical Marijuana: Considerations for Canadian Doctors

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