Our commitment

to providing clients with a quality product is sustained only by the
integrity of our relationship with clients and their trust in us. To this end, we assure our clients that the
confidentiality of the information they provide us is a priority.

This Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) describes our policies and procedures in relation to the collection,
use and disclosure of Personal Information and Personal Health Information as governed by Personal
Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (“PIPEDA”). This Privacy Policy applies to
information related to individuals applying to register as our clients, persons responsible for applicants,
and our clients. Information is gathered from any person who visits our website as well.

Under PIPEDA, “Personal Information” means information about an identifiable individual and “Personal
Health Information” means with respect to living or deceased individual, information concerning the
individual’s physical or mental health
• health services provided to the individual
• the donation by the individual of any body part or any bodily substance of the individual or
information derived from the testing or examination of a body part or bodily substance of the individual
• information that is collected in the course of providing health services to the individual
• information that is collected incidentally to the provision of health services to the individual.

We do not deal with the donation of any body parts or bodily substances. We use the term
“Personal Information” in this Policy to include Personal Health Information.
While we strive to maintain accurate Personal Information with internal safeguards for recordkeeping,
you can assist us to maintain accurate information by providing us with any changes to your

Personal Information

Personal Information is collected for the purposes of registering clients and providing clients with
our products in compliance with the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations of Health
Canada. The Personal Information will not be collected, used or disclosed for any other purpose
without consent or as required by lawful authority including the regulator, Health Canada. Consent
to our collection, use or disclosure of Personal Information can be withdrawn at any time, but we may
then be unable to provide our products and services to a client and access to our full website may be
barred. We reserve the right to amend this policy from time to time. Contact bdarby@aqualitas.ca if
you have questions about this policy.

Words from our team

“Aqualitas is a whole group of very concerned individuals who are interested in bettering the outcomes of health of individuals.”

Dr. Russell Easy, Science Advisor