Aquaponic and Organic – the Best of Two Worlds!

Aqualitas is a unique company – from where we’ve made our home and the make-up of our team, to our mission and vision, and perhaps most notably, for our growing methods. For the past several years we have worked with Finleaf Technologies to develop a proprietary aquaponic system that mitigates the traditional issues encountered when using aquaponics for flowering plants. We are excited about the resulting award-winning system that will become our primary growing method. This process benefits our clients and the environment when compared to other indoor cultivation methods.

Aquaponic growing combines hydroponics (soil-less growing of plants) and aquaculture (raising fish). Fish and plants are grown together in an integrated system, each one benefiting the other. The outputs from live fish are broken down into nitrates which are used by the plants as nutrients for growth. Fish waste is high in nitrogen and potassium, which means that no synthetic fertilizers need to be added to the system.  The plants act as a natural filter, returning clean water back to the fish, allowing them to live out their natural lives.

Our aquaponics methods result in products grown without harsh, synthetic fertilizers that could leave a residue or affect the taste of cannabis, and adversely affect you if you have a chemical sensitivity, compromised immune system or other health issue. Our product can also be produced more quickly for you, as it has a faster seed-to-harvest cycle.

For the environment, this means our system requires up to 90% less water than traditional indoor methods. Our use of LED lighting results in a 50% reduction in energy use.

Our koi fish are being raised under our aquaculture licence from the Nova Scotia Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture. Our team includes aquaculture technicians and fish biologists who monitor the fish health and their environment.

An aquaponics system of this scale takes time to fully mature. We are bringing our grow rooms onto the platform one at a time to ensure we have the proper balance of nutrients to keep both plants and fish healthy. While the aquaponic system develops, we are using living, organic soil to provide consumers access to our organically grown products.

We are proud to be the first Canadian recipient of Clean Green Certification – our cultivation practices — aquaponic and soil-based — have received this certification as a recognition of our commitment to organic management practices, compliance, quality and sustainability. We take this commitment very seriously and promise to maintain these practices to ensure our processes and products are better for the environment and ultimately, better for you.

Words from our team

“We are committed to producing safe, all-natural cannabis using organic growing methods. To have our system and our company meet the parameters of Clean Green Certification validates that we're on the right track and will give our clients and consumers added confidence in Aqualitas."

Myrna Gillis, CEO