Aqualitas is excited about our pesticide-free aquaponic growing platform. Aquaponic growing combines plant cultivation with fish farming in a system that benefits both, and is a process that benefits our clients and the environment when compared to other cultivation methods.

Aquaponics combine hydroponics (soil-less growing of plants) and aquaculture (raising fish).  Fish and plants are grown together in an integrated system, each one benefiting the other.  Live fish excrete ammonia and other by-products, which are broken down into nitrates by ammonia-oxidizing and nitrite-oxidizing bacteria, which are utilized by plants as nutrients for growth.  Fish effluent is high in nitrogen and potassium, which means that no fertilizers need to be added to the system.  The plants act as a natural filter, returning clean water back to the system. The fish live out their natural lives in our model.

For you, this means a product grown without harsh, synthetic fertilizers that could leave a residue in the product or affect its taste, and adversely affect you if you have chemical sensitivities or a compromised immune system.  Our product can also be produced more quickly for you, as it has a shorter seed-to-harvest cycle.  Our plants will be eligible for the organic or all-natural certification that many people value. Our cultivation method also produces a consistent product, because the growing components are the same from crop to crop.

For the environment, this means a system using 90% less water than soil growth, and 30% less water than hydroponic growth, and we are not reliant on petroleum-derived fertilizers.  Water is naturally cleaned and recirculated in the system, so that water is only required to replace that lost by evaporation.

Our fish will are being raised under our 10-year Aquaculture licence from the Nova Scotia Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture; our team includes a biologist who monitors the fish health.

Aquaponics Diagram from Istock Images - Purchased_hidden proprietary stuff.png