Water and Quality – these are two of the most significant components of our products, our practices, and our mission. Our name, Aqualitas, embodies our commitment to our clients. Our aquaponic process is a water-based growing method.  We employ rigorous testing standards to ensure our products are consistent, safe, and grown with pure, organic inputs. We’re also proud to have made our home along the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, in Southwest Nova Scotia. Ultimately, it is our mission to help provide an enhanced quality of life for our clients.

Aqualitas has a licence from Health Canada to cultivate medical cannabis.

Why did we get started?  In the fall of 2014, a committed group of people gathered to talk about the challenges many people faced when trying to access the medicine they needed. At that time, a variety of limitations--regulations, product availability and quality, and a general lack of information--created a gap for many people who were suffering. We knew we could do something about this and applied to Health Canada for a licence to be a producer of medical cannabis. Each member of our team has a personal interest in this project’s potential:  a loved one with cancer, MS, Crohn’s or chronic pain who has benefited from cannabis; a background in helping and advocating for vulnerable people; a desire to create a ‘green’ company committed to environmental sustainability; a passion for research and development that could expand the product’s uses from a chemistry, biology and food science basis; a wish to participate in a start-up that would create jobs in Nova Scotia. 

People involved in the start-up have generously provided their expertise to Aqualitas—medical, scientific, pharmaceutical, financial, legal, marketing, security, project-management--because they believe in the company, each other and our desire to make things better for our clients.

We are committed to safeguarding the trust our clients put in us.

We come to Aqualitas with varied backgrounds but with these shared values:

  • Wellness and a good quality of life for clients and employees
  • Affordable access to medical cannabis
  • The dignity of persons with disabilities or people in palliative care who require medical cannabis
  • The growth of a safe, consistent and quality product
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Community participation and support
  • Innovation through research and development.

Aqualitas is a private, non-reporting issuer incorporated in Nova Scotia, Canada.